Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome Earthwatch Team ?? Day 1

Today we welcomed the first Earthwatch volunteer team. We were very excited to meet volunteers from all over Europe and North America. It was slightly chaotic as we needed to move into our home for the next several weeks while the volunteers were arriving, but everyone got settled in to our quite comfortable abodes. Of course, the volunteers just arrived, so they haven't decided on a team name, so until they do, I'm not sure what to write!

Since many people were coming off of long travel days and everyone wanted to see some awesome plants and animals, we took a walk through the Charles Darwin Research Center.

On the way up, just like the day before, we ran into marine iguanas sunning themselves along the pathway to the research station. Obviously, we had to stop to take some photos.

At the research station, there are enclosures where you can see different species of the giant tortoise.
And to get the volunteers excited about our research, we saw several different species of Darwin's finches.

Dinner was at kioskos where volunteers could enjoy grilled carne asada or camerones with rice and beans. Yum!
Kioskos,an open-air restaurant street in Puerto Ayora

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