Saturday, January 17, 2015

Earthwatch Team ??: Day 3 Academy Bay

Today I worked with the mist nets, and we had a successful day catching all of the common finches that are around the Charles Darwin Research Station: small, medium, and large ground finch, cactus finch, vegetarian finch, and small tree finch. The volunteers were particularly happy to see a large ground finch compared to a small ground finch because it was quite an opportunity to see the differences in beak size. We had a very busy morning and closed the nets before 8 am because we had so many birds!

A successful day in the field!

Packing up the mist net poles
Back at the house after lunch, the volunteers settled into entering their data and prepping everything for the next day.
Entering data and getting ready for the next day...
This included fixing some equipment such as our carrying case for our mist net poles and fixing some holes (cue Beatles Song) in our mist nets.
Fixing the mist net pole bag.

Can you spot the mist net?
And in case you ever see birds with their feathers fluffed out and basically rolling around in the dirt, they are likely trying to clean themselves and get rid parasites.

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