Saturday, January 3, 2015

Getting ready for Earthwatch!

Upon arrival to Puerto Ayroa, the town where the world famous Charles Darwin Research Centre is located and where our home base will be, we immediately sought out some necessities. Ceviche and beer.

Once satiated, we began preparing for our first group of Earthwatch volunteers. One of the things we did was put together two identification guides, one for finches found on Santa Cruz, and one for plants that finches feed on most often. To supplement the photos (and to give us an excuse to go for a walk), we went out to take some photos of the plants for the guide.

Another part of our preparation was checking out the world famous Charles Darwin Research Station.
The welcoming sign to the Charles Darwin Research Station
 As always, the walk to the station proved incredibly fascinating with marine iguanas finding the perfect spots to regain their optimal thermal temperature (and us taking pictures of them)!
Diana capturing (on camera) a famous marine iguana
The best news: Darwin's finches are just as fascinating, interesting, and photogenic!
Demonstration of how to avoid painful Scutia spines

Spot the finch?
We're quite happy with our plant and finch identification guides, and we hope the Earthwatch volunteers find them useful!

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