Monday, January 12, 2015

Earthwatch Team Fuli-ing Around: Day 9 El Garrapatero Beach II

I spent the day with the other group at El Garrapatero Beach for observations, and this time, there were no campers, so we truly had the beach all to ourselves for the morning. Field work is hard and tiring, especially when we are up at 4.30am (or earlier!), but at times like this, all we can say is, "Boy are we lucky!!"

 Some of our only companions at 6am on the beach.
Ruffled feathers: how we look at 4.30am sometimes
A turtle on her way back to the ocean
A crab looking for its burrow
We finished a little bit early, so the volunteers took some time to explore the beach.

While exploring the beach, we had a few companions to keep us company.

This was Team Fuli-ing Around's last day in the field, and we had a nice surprise on the return trip to Puerto Ayora: a giant tortoise happily munching on grass by the side of the road.

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