Friday, January 16, 2015

Earthwatch Team ??:Day 2 Training Day

 Today we began our training with the second group of Earthwatch volunteers. All three of us presented an interactive presentation to explain the theory behind our work and what they would be doing in the field with us.

Diana explains the data sheets to the Earthwatch volunteers

Diana explains how the volunteers will help with banding birds
Luis explains how humans are affecting the evolution of finches
We headed outside to learn how to set up mist nets. The volunteers were setting up nets and doing knots like experts in a short time!

One of our volunteers spotted a snake in our yard, which was the striped Galapagos snake. This was my first time seeing one, so I was very excited to snap some photos. It was quite adept at climbing walls and managed to climb up onto a ledge while we were practicing setting up mist nets.

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