Thursday, January 22, 2015

Earthwatch Team Laughing Pinzones: Day 8 El Garrapatero Beach

Today was observations at the beach with half of Team Laughing Pinzones while the other half was banding further away. The teams switch tomorrow. A definite perk to getting up so early is being able to watch some beautiful sunrises over the beach and this morning was no exception.

I love my job!
The volunteers wasted no time getting into the work they had to do! When they were busy working, the finches enjoyed paying a visit to the volunteer's bags....

The volunteers were so efficient, we finished early enough that we had some time to take some pictures. Today, the animals seemed particularly cooperative with having their picture taken!

For the first time, I saw two Blue-Footed Boobies fishing together at the beach. It was a wonderful, synchronous display, and they seemed to be getting some tasty fish at the same time!

Unfortunately, we saw a cat there... That is definitely not good.

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