Sunday, January 11, 2015

Earthwatch Team Fuli-ing Around: Day 8: El Garrapatero Beach

Today we did observations at El Garrapatero Beach. It was Sunday, so there were some weekend campers there, but we arrived before they had woken up, so for one blissful hour, we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.

We made some new friends today, with a hermit crab coming for a visit...
Our new friend, the hermit crab
Attempting to film the hermit crab...
And of course, some finches...

Deb was determined to get a close up of the crabs on the beach who spend much of their time removing sand from their burrows. She patiently waited for over 10 minutes, but the crab could sense her presence and never came out of its burrow. Of course, every other crab around came out of their burrow!
Waiting patiently for a crab that did not want to show itself. Maybe Deb is a potential predator?

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