Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Earthwatch Team ??: Day 2 Training Day

Our volunteers were troopers battling jet lag and a very hot day! Luis explained to the volunteers the theory and motivation behind the work they will be doing with us for the next few days. The volunteers were very inquisitive, asking many questions throughout his talk.

Papa Pinzón led the way with demonstrating how to set-up and take-down mist nets, and also taught the volunteers the different knots they would be using for the mist nets.

The volunteers took the training in stride and started practicing knots and then were setting up mist-nets in no time!

The last part of training was finch and plant identification, so we took a short walk around the house and began identifying the various organisms that they would need to know to help us with our research.

They are now ready for the field!

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