Sunday, January 18, 2015

Earthwatch Team ??: Day 4 Academy Bay

Today was another day of field work around Puerto Ayora. I was with the observation crew, and for the first time, I saw some Smooth-Billed Anis foraging on the ground. I've always been impressed with their bills. One can see how birds and dinosaurs are related in these birds!

Of course, we saw some finches foraging on all sorts of yummy foods as well...

We did spot a kitten that seemed more interesting in playing, but it did spot a finch and start to stalk it. Feral cats are a problem where there are human populations, and I am sure this might be affecting finch behaviour.

The volunteers head to El Garrapatero tomorrow. They've done a great job working around the research station and in town, so they've been busy taking pictures!

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