Friday, January 9, 2015

Earthwatch Team ??: Day 6 Day-off

Today was a day off, and the volunteers all arranged day tours that took them to see some more of the amazing plants and animals on the Galápagos. Luis, Diana, and I took a small detour and went to Tortuga Beach for a few hours. This is my third time in the Galápagos and I had never been, so we decided it was about time I went to this beach. It's about a 30 minute walk to the beach itself. As often happens in the Galápagos, we often got sidetracked looking at marine iguanas, finches, shorebirds, and crabs. We were back by lunch and spent the rest of the day working on proposals. We all have proposal due in less than a week! Well then, back to work!!
A lizard making sure we don't spend too much time on the beach

A crab moves sand and arranges it neatly around its burrow

Heron on the beach

A marine iguana claims its rock

Tortuga Beach

Tortuga Beach

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