Thursday, January 8, 2015

Earthwatch Team ??: Day 4-5 El Garrapatero

These were an exciting two days as both teams went to El Garrapatero, our field site that is a ~45 minute taxi ride from Puerto Ayora. Both teams had no problems setting up the mist nets while watching the sun rise.

Setting up mist nets at 5.45am in El Garrapatero
 The terrain is still quite dry, so we didn't have a large number of birds, but we had enough to keep us busy processing them in the morning.

Photographing the process of measuring Darwin's Finches

 The Earthwatch volunteers took a siesta in the afternoon and were ready to get back to work in the afternoon where they entered the data they collected and helped restock supplies.

Hard at work entering data and prepping for the next day
Measuring and cutting ropes that are used to set up mist-nets
Thankfully, tomorrow is a day off for the hard working volunteers!

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