Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Earthwatch Team Laughing Pinzones: Day 7 Academy Bay

Today, we did our work at Academy Bay in town. We caught a large ground finch in our mist nets today, so we took some close-up shots. You can see how the beak is almost larger than its head!

One of our Earthwatch volunteers is a biology teacher, and she had pre-arranged skype meetings with students of different ages. We spent half an hour talking about what we were doing here and answering any questions they had. 

Speaking to students in Canton, MA about science in the Galapagos
We didn't realize until these photos were tweeted that we were actually gigantic images on a screen! We had a lot of fun talking to the students, and we hoped they enjoyed their time speaking with us as well!

Luis talking to students in Canton about research in the Galapagos

A student from Canton asking us about research in the Galapagos
 We hope to have more opportunities to speak to students about our research, and with current technology, we can do it live!

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