Thursday, March 17, 2016

Working in town

When you are in the field, you tend to lose a sense of time. While we remembered pi day on the 14th of March, we forgot about Saint Patrick's Day on the 17th. Well, nobody is Irish I think so it doesn't really matter, and St. Patty's Day isn't really celebrated down here. So, instead, Marco and I headed into town to collect behaviour data.

We started on foot but quickly realized that it would be much easier on bikes. While going around town collecting data, we did see some cats hanging out.

We also went to some places near our apartment. Unfortunately, people often dump garbage by the side of the road when they think they are on the outskirts of town. One person's trash is another's treasure however. Marco found an algebra book, a chemistry book, and a Galapagos tour book!

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