Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Santa Fe!!!

Today we had field work on Santa Fe. Santa Fe is quite close to Santa Cruz, so the boat ride there was not too long. This was extremely exciting as we were getting to work on other islands for the first time this season!

Santa Fe is a pristine island with no invasive predators such as black rats or house cats. Thus, the animals on the island make for excellent photographs. For example, this juvenile Galapagos Hawk was enjoying the early morning sun and seemed to enjoy posing for us.

Land iguanas like to feed on the decadent pads of the opuntia cacti. If they get a hold of a pad, they wipe the pads on the ground to get rid of the spines and then feast on the succulent flesh.

Of course, we saw some finches as well, and even a Galapagos Dove!

Team Santa Fe!

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