Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Marco's First Day!

Marc arrived from Montreal via Quito yesterday. He's been working with Team Pinzon's long term dataset, and had the opportunity to come down to see the source of all the data. We sampled at the parking lot where the boardwalk to El Garrapatero Beach starts. This area is still relatively close to the beach (it's a 10-15 minute walk to the beach from the parking lot).

We've also seen them eating the native foods such as tribulus (2015, not this year), the succulents, and on the cryptocarpus and scutia around the area.

Dry carpet of tribulus
We had some good numbers, and we're surprised to get more fortis than fulis. We also got two large morph fortis, both of which managed to bite either Sarah or myself, and those guys HURT (though not as much as a mag). We think we caught one mag, but the beak depth was just shy of the cutoff. It could have been because I measured the beak and I am still getting used to measuring beaks! Though a quieter morning than down at the beach, a productive one!

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