Saturday, March 5, 2016

First day of sampling!!

Hoorah! Today was our first day in the field, and I forgot the banding kit *doh*. However, we found a good spot and worked out the methods for sampling.

Our first bird! #HappyAboutPoop

The cages over the boats worked great! the birds poop, but don't jump around in their own poop. The only problem is the are molting so we are doing our best to time it so they poop, but don't do anything else.

That afternoon, we met Camille and Andy, two researchers from Exeter. They are part of the ISBE committee, and I am looking forward to that conference. They had some awesome suggestions and neat ideas, and I hope we will be working together in the future.

 Sarah spotted a cuckoo which was pretty cool.

That evening, you could tell we're getting tired. All of my cats decided they wanted to read my new book on domesticated cats for bedtime....  #CatsofInstagram

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