Monday, January 27, 2014


Today was a day we spent getting ready for the next group of Earthwatch volunteers. However, we first did some sampling at our site on the research station. It was a nice, late start (6.30 instead of 4.30) and we got several birds, including this vegetarian finch which decided Luis head was a nice place to rest after getting its’ sugar water treat!

A vegetarian finch liked Luis' hair after being released

For a snack, we had some popcorn, and we turned our backs for just a few seconds to be greeted with a now common site in the city: finches munching on human food. Though a popcorn kernel is relatively large for these finches, they had no problem manipulating the large kernels to feed on it. I snapped a few photos before we headed them off to feed on proper food such as scutia (a spiny plant with fruit and seeds finches like) and opuntia (cactus) flowers

Popcorn munching finch

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