Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Earthwatch Team 2: Arrival

Today was spent doing the final preparations for Team 2 of the Earthwatch volunteers.

Land iguana anxiously waiting for Earthwatch Team 2 to arrive

The entire group arrived at the airport, which was quite convenient as both groups came to the station and settled in after a lunch of pesto potato salad. Today, we did a safety orientation, giving the volunteers an idea of what to expect for a daily schedule and what the field conditions are like. As usual, the finches visited us at lunch, which allowed us to point out some of the different species of finches that occur on this island.

Earthwatch Team 2 getting oriented in the Galapagos

I told them that I would be blogging, and that they would need to come up with a team name. We told them about Team MAGnificent, and they set out right away coming up with names, which they would decide upon tomorrow.

Carpenter bee munching on some pollen

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