Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Earthwatch Team MAGnificent: Day 6

Yesterday, the 20th, the volunteers had a day off from 4.30am wake-up calls and seven of them took the opportunity to take a day trip to North Seymour island, which is just north of Baltra, the island where the airport for Santa Cruz is located. The volunteers had chosen this trip because the 8th volunteer had done a land cruise prior to the Earthwatch expedition, and had immensely enjoyed the experience. North Seymour island is home to one of the largest nesting colonies of frigates in the Galápagos, and the volunteers were enamoured with the fluffy frigate nestlings.

The next day, the volunteers were recharged and ready for a few more days of heading to the field to catch some finches. Luis had set a quota for the team of 125 birds, and as of the day off, we had caught 84 birds. The team was determined to reach or surpass the quota, so they set off into the field with a vengeance. Today, the EG team headed out and caught 22 birds! The team was on a roll and headed to AB, but because of rain, caught 6 birds, but the team was invigorated for being so close to the quota!

Frigate stealing a gull's catch of the day

The observation team headed into town and we were on a mission to find a Western Union for one of the volunteers. We dutifully followed the directions we had been given, only to find ourselves asking various people where it was. Apparently, it was located in a place called Bodega Blanca, which turned out to be a hardware store. Who’d have thought a hardware store would be the go to place for money transfers?
Lava heron looking for the Western Union

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