Sunday, January 19, 2014

Earthwatch Team MAGnificent: Day 3 & 4

These two days were full of activities, with both teams going to EG and AB, as well as doing doing observational transects through the research station and through town.

Our transect through town allowed us to not only observe birds and their behaviour, but also other critters such as the marine iguanas. The marine iguanas, like the other animals on the Galápagos, pay no mind to us humans with our cameras. We took the opportunity to photograph some of the iguanas that had decided to try and catch some warmth on the path leading up to the research station.

Photographing marine iguanas who don't really mind us

Pelican hangin' in a mangrove

While we were doing the transect, we found a small ground finch nest in town near the fish market that had some nestlings in it. The parents kept a watchful eye as we quickly took a peek at the nestlings before we quickly moved on our way. 

 Field work is quite hard, and we do keep the team well fed, but small luxuries such as a nice latté are hard to come by at the field station. We took a brief break in town from the transect for some lattés, but I made sure to keep the volunteers busy collecting data as they enjoyed their coffees.

We took our observations through the Kioskos, where we often eat dinner. It was no surprise to find many finches munching on the crumbs and other human food left on tables (albeit very briefly!) and on the street.

Kisokos looks very different when it is full of hungry diners!

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