Friday, February 13, 2015

North Seymour

If today was a representation of what Friday the 13th is suppose to be, I will be looking forward to Friday the 13th from now on! My friend and I managed to book the last two spots on a lovely day trip to the area around North Seymour, and island on the north side of Baltra and Santa Cruz. Earthwatch volunteers had been on this, and every group that went had a wonderful time. We figured we should see what everyone was talking about!

First, the boat ride was quite lovely compared to the ride to Floreana. Floreana was an oversize speedboat, so it had large, noisy outboard motors, and made for a bouncy ride. The boat to North Seymour was more of a motor yacht: quite, smooth, and spacious. On our way to around Baltra, we were greeted with views of Daphne Major and Daphne Minor.

Daphne Major in the background of sea lions sleeping

Our first stop was a lovely sand bar where there were sea lion colonies, marine iguanas, and a compete whale skeleton.

On North Seymour, I could have spent hours there taking photos and videos of the nesting birds there. What a spectacular sight!

I understand why the Earthwatch volunteers who went to North Seymour have always come back saying what an amazing expedition it was! I hope to go again one day!!

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