Sunday, February 1, 2015

Earthwatch Day 7: Team Fuli Forti-fied El Garrapatero

Yesterday, the team had a day off, and many of them went to South Plaza Island where they got to see and snorkel with all sorts of iconic Galápagos organisms. Others went to Tortuga Beach or Floreana, and they all had amazing adventures! Today, the team announced their team name: Fuli Forti-fied! This was a long discussion with many names being suggested, but the team all agreed this one represented them best.

It was back to work today with a full morning in the field at El Garrapatero. As always, the terrain offers wonderful scenery for the sunrise. I'm not a morning person, so the early mornings are difficult, but when you get to enjoy spectacular scenery like this on an almost daily basis... I have to pinch myself this is reality!

We had a good morning, but enough down time to snap some photos of the crew...

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