Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Earthwatch Day 9: Team Fuli Forti-fied El Garrapatero

Our last day in the field was at El Garrapatero. The finches seemed to recognize this was the team's last day and were very cooperative in the poses they struck for us.

Like yesterday, there was a Great Blue Heron and Great Egret hanging around El Garrapatero beach. Today, with lots of luck, I was able to witness the Great Blue capture a fish. I do not have a proper fish book for identification, but it was fairly large and the heron had no problem gulping it down.

And in case you wanted a step-by-step in how to catch and eat a fish...

The Great Egret also was hunting, but while I was watching, did not manage to catch anything...


  1. Great Photos
    Thanks for the coffee

  2. Don, glad you enjoyed your coffee! Thank you again for choosing our expedition and for all your help with our research. We hope you had a good time working with us.