Thursday, February 6, 2014

Flip-flop field-work faux pas

Today we had a regular field day, albeit with a much smaller team since we said farewell to Team Fab-fortis last night. It was a typical day, and we even managed to catch some finches that demonstrate the different beak size morphs within G. fortis, the medium ground finch.
Large, intermediate, and small morphed medium ground finches (L-R)

Large and small beak morphs of medium ground finches
Luis was working on an exclosure experiment, so Jeff did the measurements on the finches, with Andrew and Sofia helping with the other jobs. Obviously, I did the very important job of taking photos of them.

However, the most amusing thing happened today. Today, we were five heading into the field, and it was raining. We bundled Andrew up under a tarp and stuck him in the back of the truck (no photos, sorry!), so the rest of us piled in the main cab and dozed off on the drive to EG. Just before we got to the turn off, Sofia inhales sharply, and then says 'oh noooooooo' very quietly. Confused, I looked at her and asked if everything was ok. "I forgot my boots!" She was waiting until the last minute to change her shoes, and instead, completely forgot to change her shoes.

Of course, this provided endless amusement for everyone. Sofia was quite relieved that nobody was mad, and instead, were concerned about her not getting cactus spines in her toes. Sofia explained (well, we helped with this huevelation) that because the previous two days the team had gone to EG beach, she thought that we would be going straight to the beach, and thus, flip-flops were all that were needed!

Since this was her first year as a graduate student and her first field season, Jeff and Andrew could not resist a documentation of the event.
Supervisor not happy with student wearing flip-flops in the field

Student hiding identity in embarrassment

Student annoyed at supervisor who didn't even bother to wear flip-flops

Supervisor ashamed he doesn't have any shoes at all.
As it happens, flip-flops turn out to be great Tribulus seed collectors! And so, Sofia will now go down in Team Pinzon history as the person who forgot their boots and managed a field day in EG with flip flops!

Some behind the scene shots of the photo shoot:

Jeff shielding his eyes from the blinding brightness of Andrew's feet

Jeff reports that the reflection from Andrew's feet fried his camera's light meter and automatic white-balance circuitry

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