Sunday, February 2, 2014

Earthwatch Team 2: Fab-fortis Day 4

Today was the last field work day before the volunteers take a well deserved day off to explore Santa Cruz. The day was a field day, with the field team heading to EG and Academy Bay, and the observation crew doing feeding and behaviour observations and entering data in the afternoon.

Today also saw the arrival of more of the researchers to the station to join the team. Andrew and Sofia came from Guayaquil today, and both are very excited to be here. Sofia’s these willfocus on the interaction between Darwin’s finches and plants, and this is her first time to the Galápagos. She lost no time in learning the different species of finches and plants, and also held her first Darwin finch.

Andrew was Luis’ PhD supervisor, and it was quite apparent that Andrew missed Luis, and was quite happy to see him.

It has been quite a while since members of Team Pinzón were in one place at the same time, so the evening finished with amusing banter among the researches, with some real science discussed, but also full of huevelations (amusing banter or bull****ting, if you will)
Huevelation situation revelation
A mockingbird not amused by huevelations

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  1. Hi Kiyoko! It's great to read about all the adventues and huevelations of Team 2. Tell everyone I say hi, and tell Andrew that he's in big trouble for kissing Luis! ;o) Miss you all!