Saturday, February 1, 2014

Earthwatch Team Fab-Fortis: Day 2-3

Yesterday, I was with the observation team, and as before, we stopped to take pictures of some cooperative marine iguanas.

Jodie with some cooperative models
 A brief stop at the fish market allowed for some nice photo-ops with the wildlife in the area. I found out recently that the sea lion that hangs out at the market was a solitary sea lion that showed up at the fish market about five years ago. When it had showed up, nobody thought it would survive, but it has managed to thrive and is now a regular visitor to the fish market, much to the amusement of the many tourists passing through the area.
The resident sea lion

We then we did a transect through town, heading through the Kioskos during the morning, and then stopped for a much needed coffee break. Jodie and Shinann ordered a decaf coffee, and to their delight, it was iced!

The coffee shop happened to be right at the entrance to the Laguna de las Nimfas, a lagoon surrounded by mangroves. It was a beautiful, quiet place, with lots of things to see. 

We spotted a heron that flew off before any of us could photograph it. However, we were treated to other things such as a ray in the clear, shallow water. 

At the end of our transect, Jodie spotted some fiddler craps below the boardwalk, and we spotted a few of them fighting each other!
Battle of the fiddler crabs. Will the leftie or the rightie win?
The following day was another field day, where I found this pretty Passiflora flower, which is an endemic passionfruit species that has fruit that the finches love to eat!

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