Friday, March 22, 2013

Isabela Island I

The Galápagos Island archipelago consists of several islands, of which I have thus far been to two of them: Baltra and Santa Cruz. We had been working basically everyday since we arrived, and so the team, along with collaborators and friends decided to visit another island, Isabela.

The boat ride was about 2 hours, with great views of the other islands. The sea was nice and calm as well, so the ride was relatively benign. In other words, nobody needed the puke buckets which was nice as some of us ended up taking naps next to the (clean and empty) buckets.

We're on a boat. Photo courtesy of Jaime Chavez

Upon arrival, we did what all good researchers do which is make a beeline for the bar. Some folks had been to Isabela before, so they knew were to get some inexpensive rooms. The bar we headed to was right on the beach with hammocks hanging for Coll to take a nap in.

Of course, I ended up with the most bags because I lugged my camera stuff there. All worth it as I spotted a spotted sand piper (correct me if wrong) grabbing all sorts of delicious morsels including this long invertebrate.

The sunset was quite spectacular, and a walk after sunset took us past the local church which has glass images of various endemic Galapagos species, so the church was nicknames the 'Boobie Church' owing to the blue footed boobie on one of the windows.


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