Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to eat a caterpillar

From one of our field sites, you can walk up some stairs and are treated to a lovely view of the harbour on Santa Cruz Island.

The view from atop a hill on Santa Cruz Island

It is currently the wet season, though we've been lucky in that we've only had one day where it rained quite a bit. Otherwise, we've had sporadic thundershowers, but nothing that has kept us out of the field. The wet season means an abundance of fruits and tasty tidbits for the finches, and this vegetarian finch was enjoying a meal of berries.

Platyspiza crassirostris or vegetarian finch munching on berries

As we were finishing up at Academy Bay today, it did start to sprinkle. We stopped at the station kiosk to get some ice cream and refreshments, and noticed a mockingbird doing these weird movements. It had a caterpillar in its mouth and was bashing it against the ground to eat it. That's one way to tenderize your meat!

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